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The fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival will have LJ Hooker Southern Gold Coast Pacers in the 50km, Half Marathon and 10km distances. Thank you to the team at LJ Hooker Southern Gold Coast for sponsoring our pacers this year!

If you have a certain goal in mind for the event, our LJ Hooker Pacers will help you get there, by pacing you through your distance at a consistent speed.

LJ Hooker Southern Gold Coast Pacers will be wearing white LJ Hooker PACER shirts, along with pacer bibs showing their pace. Pacers will be located within the start chute and will be holding signs with their goal times. 


50km Pacer Times
Overall TimePace
3 hrs 30 mins4:12/km
4 hrs 00 mins4:48/km
4 hrs 30 mins5:24/km
5 hrs 00 mins6:00/km
5 hrs 30 mins6:36/km
6 hrs 00 mins7:12/km

21.1km Pacer Times
Overall TimePace
1 hr 24 mins3:59/km
1 hrs 30 mins4:16/km
1 hrs 40 mins4:45/km
1 hr 50 mins5:13/km
2 hrs 00 mins5:42/km
2 hrs 10 mins6:10/km
2 hrs 20 mins6:38/km

10km Pacer Times
Overall TimePace
40 mins4:00/km
45 mins4:50/km
50 mins5:00/km
55 mins5:30/km
60 mins6:00/km
1 hr 05 mins6:30/km
1 hr 10 mins7:00/km