Aid Stations & First Aid Provision

Aid stations

Full aid stations will be positioned at 3km intervals and will carry water, Hammer Nutrition Electrolyte (Lemon Lime and Grapefruit Flavours) and Coca Cola. Participants in the 50km event will have also have access to CrampFix shots. To clarify, the event will provide cups (ready filled) for you to consume at each aid station.

You can use one of the many showers located along the beachfront to cool down or refill your water carrying device, should you opt to carry one.

We’ll have drinks on ice for you at the finish line in our recovery marquee.


Aid stations will be self serve throughout the run course. Tables will be set up and clearly marked and communicated (via aid station volunteers) as to what each table offers. Please help yourself and place waste in the bins provided. Thank you.

First aid

For cuts and abrasions all aid stations will carry First Aid kits. First aid is located at the finish line and there will also be three roving teams throughout the course.