Club Challenge

Club Challenge


Get your club together for a Christmas celebration, and bring all the family. Santa will be there, and it’s the perfect year-end Christmas party for your club!

When you enter, nominate your club from the drop down box. If your club does not appear in the list, you have the ability to add it manually. A Club need not be a formally constituted Club but can be any fitness or training group. You just need a name.

The Club that wins the Club Challenge will be that which accumulates the greatest number of points for the races in accordance with the following formula:

  • by turnout, weighted at five points per runner, and
  • by performance with points awarded for placings in the races, (10 for 1st, down to 1 for 10th). These points will apply over all races, i.e. 50 km, 30 km, 15 and 5 km. Points for the two and three person relay will also apply but will be shared between the team members.

The total points awarded will be calculated by our electronic timing to enable the winning Club to be determined in time for prizegiving at the end of the day. A Perpetual Shield will be awarded, to which the name of the winning Club will be added. Also, there will be a group photo with complimentary image to be made available to each member of the winning Club and the achievement will be included in our double page spread article in Multisport magazine immediately following the event.

Clubs who nominate a minimum of 10 members will be provided with a 3 x 3 marquee, free of charge. So, for 10 entrants you get a marquee, 20 or more entrants you get 2 marquees. We will supply an esky and ice for each marquee, so you can bring your own refreshments.

Clubs may bring their own marquee if they prefer. Details for positioning and set up of marquees will be emailed to all nominated club leads 1 week prior to the event.

PLEASE NOTE: When you enter the Register Now portal, you will be asked if you are ‘entering as a participant’ or ‘creating a team’.

You use the ‘creating a team’ option only if you are entering the 2 or 3 person relay. It has nothing to do with the Club Challenge.

When entering as an individual click on ‘enter as a participant’. To join your club (if applicable) you will see a drop down box where you nominate your club or group.

Online entries will close on Wednesday 5th December at 5:00 pm. On-the-day entries will be available at added cost of $20.

When entering, please give us the name of the contact person.