Tips for Race Day

Article written by Richard Mullaney

The Day Before

  • Get your kit together
  • Pick up your race number, timing chip and pins and fix it to your running top
  • Have your racing shoes and clothing clean and ready to go, laces checked and try them on
  • Prepare pre and post-race drinks and snacks
  • Pack Vaseline, band-aids, spare pins and kit
  • Have your timing chip attached and watch charged and ready to go!

Race Day

Making a list creates certainty and eliminates worry and second guessing. It should include:

  • Sleep – know what time you intend to get up and set an alarm, have time to wake slowly!
  • Drink – after you wake, and plan to stop at a time based on what’s previously worked best
  • Eat your predetermined race day meal and follow what has worked on your long runs
  • Plan your car parking, warm up, bag drop, and last toilet stop
  • Get to the start early so you can warm up, I like to be an hour before the race to warm up and do strides

Before the Start

Don’t change your race plan because you suddenly feel good. The reason you feel good is because you’ve prepared to the best of your ability and feel rested, eager and fresh! Remember you’ve estimated your ability based on previous races and particularly in a Marathon there’s plenty of time to speed up with you feel good come the second half!

  • Be in the right place for your start, begin with the group you’re likely to finish with
  • Know your pacing strategy
  • Know your fluid / nutrition strategy

After the Gun

  • Be careful at the start to stay on your feet and hold your line – relax!
  • Be conservative and stick to your splits, particularly over the Half or full Marathon
  • Stay with your plan – even if it means people pass you – you’ll see them later!
  • Run with someone if their pace suits you, switch off and relax, letting the km’s go by
  • Smile inside – stay positive

After Half-Way

  • It always gets tougher – relax and focus on staying smooth – it’s what you’ve trained for!
  • Focus on a relaxed stride with smooth cadence
  • Remind yourself on what success looks like


  • Upright
  • Proud that you did it!
  • With a smile

Hopefully this will serve you well as you prepare for the fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival and you can capitalise on the training you’ve put in, but most of all have fun!

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