Running For a Cure

Running For a Cure

With the fisiocrem GC50 only days away, Cure Cancer’s incredible fundraisers are hitting the ground running to raise funds for life-saving cancer research. Team Frizz have reached their $10,000 fundraising target to Cure Cancer, and for them, the GC50 event means much more as they’ve rallied together to support Lisa, a beloved family member and cancer patient.

Lisa’s Story 

For 41-year old Lisa Frizell, cancer was the furthest thing on her mind when she fell ill one night. “I was camping with my partner during the September school holidays and became sick. Everything was fine the next day, and so I simply assumed it was heatstroke. Fast forward one week later, and the same thing happened – I got sick in the middle of the night with severe pain and nausea and this time by the morning I had a huge lump in my abdomen.”

After a visit to the hospital, doctors initially assumed it was pancreatitis until a closer inspection confirmed the worst. Lisa explains, “My scans showed cancer. A lot of it. Further scans and biopsies showed that I have pancreatic cancer that has spread to my liver, kidney and lungs and is now in my blood. All of this has been growing for years and I had no symptoms. The surgeons said they couldn’t operate and that it is incurable. But I refuse to accept this.”

“Being told I have cancer has been hard to deal with, but there are so many other aspects of that have been difficult. It is incredibly unusual for someone my age to have what I do, not to mention that pancreatic cancer is fairly rare as well. That fact that I’m so young seems so unfair and makes it so hard to deal with, as life was only just beginning for me. The other thing that haunts me is the fact that I wasn’t sick. At all. It literally happened overnight. Fine one day, told I was dying from cancer the next.”

“There were no symptoms, no telltale signs something was wrong. Whenever I look back on it, there were a few things along the way that were related, but also could have been brushed off as everyday things like exhaustion and indigestion.”

Since her diagnosis, Lisa’s loved ones have come together to support her as she goes through this challenging time, but one unexpected person has been a constant rock – Jess, her partner Dean’s ex-wife and mother of his children. “Jess and I are an anomaly,” Lisa says. “In a world, where most step-parents don’t get along with the biological parents, we get along like a house on fire. My stepkids (Cody, his partner Chellsea, Darcy and Talia) are also my little comfort blanket, and I couldn’t do this without their support and that from Dean, Jess and her wife, Bin. This disease can rip families apart, but together, we won’t break. We’re one big, blended family that refuses to take ‘it’s incurable’ for an answer.” 

“Jess and Bin are incredible, superwomen athletes and they saw the fisiocrem GC50 run as a way to support me and raise money for a cure that I am desperate for. We’re aiming for $10,000 which equates to 200 hours of cancer research! The family will all be representing Cure Cancer in our singlets (Jess, Bin and the kids at the race, and Dean and myself at my chemo session) and we know this won’t be our last involvement with Cure Cancer. I need a cure, so I’m going to make this happen!”

“It is hard to put into words how I feel about my family participating in the fisiocrem GC50 to support me through my cancer journey. Proud, amazing and inspired are just a few that come to mind! The entire experience has been an overwhelmingly positive one in a time of such despair and sadness. Having something positive to focus on has been an absolute godsend for me. I feel very blessed to have such amazing support from my friends and family and I am so thankful to them for participating and raising funds for Cure Cancer in my honour.”

Lisa’s cancer journey has ultimately changed her life, and she’s made it her mission to do what she can to help others. “Maybe sharing my story could help one person have those symptoms checked out by a doctor, or may help another young person feel not so alone. Every time I go to the hospital or have chemo, I am the youngest person by at least 20 years, and it’s a very lonely feeling.”

Supporting cancer research is more than important to me – it’s vital! Research and clinical trials are the only chance I have for survival. I have been told that my cancer is not curable, so what choice do I have other than to help find a cure? Team Frizz believes that ‘not curable’ is not an option. Even if a cure isn’t found in time to save myself, our efforts can help save lives in the future.’

Thank you to Lisa for sharing her powerful story and we wish Team Frizz all the best as they take on the fisiocrem GC50 on December 6.

Please consider making a donation here to Team Frizz and support Cure Cancer’s researchers, dedicated to making this the last generation to die from cancer.