Race Day Info

Please note: Event Information below is relating to the 2020 event. 2021 event information will be available in May 2021. 

We can’t wait for you to join us this year as we descend on the beauty of the Southern Gold Coast, as Coolangatta plays host to the fisiocrem GC50 Run Festival for the first time ever.

Whether your race day is Saturday or Sunday this year, we’ve compiled all your race day information below. If you have an unanswered question, simply drop us a line at [email protected]

The Courses & Maps

Please note: The Start/Finish venue for all distances is Queen Elizabeth Park, Coolangatta.

The 50km course will utilise a two lap format for 2020, with each lap measuring 25km. Runners will head north and run to the turnaround point in Palm Beach, before turning back and heading south to Coolangatta. To complete each lap, runners will head south to Greenmount, before making their way back to Queen Elizabeth Park to either finish or head out for their second lap.

The 30km event will follow the same two lapped format, with the turnaround point located in Currumbin Alley.

15km runners will complete one lap and turn at the same point in Currumbin Alley as the 30km runners.

Participants in the 5km event, will complete a one lapped course, incorporating a Southern out and back to Greenmount, followed by a Northern out and back to Kirra, finished off with a loop of Queen Elizabeth Park on return.

Certified Courses: The 50km, course has been professionally measured and certified and carries a bronze IAU label.

Please note: Unfortunately due to the nature of the course, race wheelchairs and prams are strictly not permitted and this rule will be enforced on event day. 

Start Times

Saturday 5th December 2020

16:45 – Kids Dash Start

17:30 – 5km Start

Sunday 6th December 2020

05:00 – 05:15:  50km & 2 x 25km Rolling Start Window

05:30 – 05:45: 30km Rolling Start Window

06:00 – 06:15: 15km Rolling Start Window

Please note – should you wish to start between 4:30am and 4:45am (50km only) please contact Race HQ at [email protected] Please note that this wave is designed for those that may struggle to make the 25km 4-hour cut off.

(Please note that the above information and subsequent start time plans are subject to change to adhere to Government guidelines on delivering safe events in a COVID-19 environment). 

Rolling Start Process

Runners participating in the 50km, 30km, 15km and Relay events are provided with a rolling start window timeframe. This is listed in the event schedule. This provides each set of runners with a generous 15 minute window to begin your event. Your time will be taken from the moment you cross the start line mat (not gun time). Your place in the event will be reflective of your actual time – so don’t worry about starting a little later than others.

15km runners will be emailed with a more specific 5 minute window for each runner to begin their run. This is based on the pace provided by each runner when registering for the event. Given the larger volume of runners in this distance, we opted for a more specific start time breakdown to enable more opportunity for physical distancing both at the start line and throughout the course.

Cut Off Times

There will be a 50km cut off enforced at the 25km point on the course. This cut off will be enforced after 4 hours (9.00am). Participants will need to have passed this point in order to continue onto their second lap.

Course cut off for all events is 1:00pm (8 hours for 50km).

Early Wave

If you feel you may struggle to achieve this cut-off starting at 5.00am (50km event) then we permit starting in the earlier 50km wave, scheduled for 4:30am – 4:45am.

Please email [email protected] should you wish to be considered for the early wave. Those that start in the earlier wave will not be eligible for awards.


Important 25km Relay Information

The 2020 course format, means that participants in the 2 x 25km relay will complete one lap of the course each. The relay exchange point will be located at the top of the finish chute, within Queen Elizabeth Park, Coolangatta. Due to the nature of the course, runner 1 will run 500m more than runner 2.

Second Runner Start Process

You will be able to track the progress of your relay runner completing the first leg via the athlete tracker app. Please head to the relay exchange point and provide your name to the marshal as you await your relay partner to complete their leg of the relay. When your team member passes the exchange, and enters the finish chute you will be permitted to start your leg. Please ensure the volunteer has scanned your race bib prior to commencing your leg.

Mass restart for 25km relay

Relay runners doing the second lap will leave when their outbound partner arrives at relay exchange point. However there will be a mass start at the 3hr mark (approx 0800 hrs) for the runners completing the second lap whose outbound partner has not yet arrived by that time. Race times will be adjusted accordingly.

Athletes who drop out of the race must advise an official or an aid station captain of their withdrawal.

Aid Stations & First Aid Provision

Aid stations

Full aid stations will be positioned at 3km intervals and will carry water, Hammer Nutrition Electrolyte (Lemon Lime and Grapefruit Flavours) and Coca Cola. Participants in the 50km event will have also have access to CrampFix shots. To clarify, the event will provide cups (ready filled) for you to consume at each aid station.

You can use one of the many showers located along the beachfront to cool down or refill your water carrying device, should you opt to carry one.

We’ll have drinks on ice for you at the finish line in our recovery marquee.


Aid stations will be self serve throughout the run course. Tables will be set up and clearly marked and communicated (via aid station volunteers) as to what each table offers. Please help yourself and place waste in the bins provided. Thank you.

First aid

For cuts and abrasions all aid stations will carry First Aid kits. First aid is located at the finish line and there will also be three roving teams throughout the course.


There are various options that provide easy walking access to Queen Elizabeth Park, Coolangatta.

Chalk and Lanham Street Car Park

Parking here is free for 3 hours and the venue is a short 400m walk from this car park. This car park is accessed from Chalk Street. Parking restrictions here are from 9am – 5pm, therefore providing parking until 12:00pm on Sunday.

The Strand

The Strand Shopping Centre on Marina Parade provides secure undercover parking. Parking is free on weekends for the first two hours.

Marine Parade

Marina Parade provides lots of free street parking options from Queen Elizabeth Park, south towards Greenmount. Parking here is free with no time restrictions on Sunday (in places) and provides 3 hours of free parking on Saturday.

Griffith Street

Griffith Street provides 1 hour of free parking on both Saturday and Sunday and is located approximately 300m from the venue, one block back from the beach. Grafton Street parking restrictions are in place from 9am – 5pm.

Kirra Beach

Just around the headland – a 550m walk to the venue. There are a lot of parks here and along this stretch.

Which day is my run held on?

Enjoy the 5km & Impi Sportswear Kids Dash events with us on Saturday 5th December from 4.45pm.

Did someone say run, sleep, repeat?

The 50km, 30km, 15km and 2 x 25km relay events will be held on Sunday 6th December from 5.30am.

Event Schedule

Saturday 5th December 2020

10:00Registration Opens (All Events)Queen Elizabeth Park
16:20Impi Sportswear Kids Dash Warm UpMain Stage
16:30Impi Sportswear Kids Dash BriefingStart Line
16:45Impi Sportswear Kids Dash Event Start (3km & 1.5km)Start Line
17:155km Warm UpMain Stage
17:255km BriefingStart Line
17:305km Event StartStart Line
17:35Live Music CommencesMain Stage
18:00Registration Closes (All Events)Queen Elizabeth Park
18:15Presentation - 5km EventMain Stage
19:00Live Music ConcludesMain Stage

Sunday 6th December 2020

04:30 - 4:45Start 50km (Early Wave - Pre Authorised Participants Only)Start Line
05:00 - 05:1550km & Relay Rolling Start WindowStart Line
05:30 - 05:4530km Rolling Start WindowStart Line
06:00 - 06:1515km Rolling Start WindowStart Line
06:30fisiocrem massage opensMain Event Precinct
08:30Presentation - 15km EventMain Stage
09:00Cut off enforcedLap Point (25km)
10:30Presentation - 50km, 30km & RelayMain Stage
13:00Event ConcludesThank you!

Elevation Profiles


Elevation gain: 136.5m


Elevation gain: 56.6m


Elevation gain: 28.3m

Official Pacers

Unfortunately this year we will not be providing pacers in the event. The decision was made following the move to a ‘rolling start’ and to avoid bunching throughout the course, that naturally can occur with pacers.

We’d like to thank Galeforce Run Squad for their continued assistance with providing pacers and hope to have them back with us next year.


Starts and finishes in Queen Elizabeth Park, Coolangatta.

When entering the address into maps or navigation devices, we recommend entering 60 Marine Parade, Coolangatta.