Nutrition plays a crucial role in any event once you get over 2 hours duration. Learn the 4 most important nutrition steps below and have a great race.

1. Amount of Fuel

Consumption should be limited to between 120 calories and 180 calories / hour (502– 753kj). This is the maximum number of calories you can comfortably digest when your body is under stress. Any more than this amount can cause stomach distress.

2. Hydration and electrolytes

Consume approx. 590-750 ml/hour Electrolytes are to the body as like “oil is to car”. Over this sort of distance, it is crucial to take on extra electrolytes in the right format. Hammer has 2 forms Electrolytes. Endurolytes or Endurolytes FIZZ. Both are formulated to provide an excellent cross section of Electrolytes. Salt Tablets only contain sodium and Potassium; you need a full cross section of Electrolytes (Vitamin B6, Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Chloride, Sodium, Potassium, and Tyrosine). Many variables effect electrolyte intake. These include body weight, level of fitness, weather conditions, acclimatization level, and biological predisposition. It is vital that you experiment with a dosage that is suitable to you.

Consuming 1-3 Endurolytes hour would be enough for most.

3. Have a plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Once you have a plan you need to practice the plan on long runs as often as possible. Do NOT leave it until race day. Quiet often your plan will need adjustments. Consuming nutrition whilst running is something new for allot of runners.

Simple sample plan.

Consume 1 Hammer Gel 15-20mins prior to race start

Consume 300 ml water every 30mins.

Consume 2 Hammer Gels / Hour

Consume 1-3 Endurolytes/ Hour

4. Fuelling Choices

General rules regarding consumption of fuel

  • Use liquid fuels (easy to digest) Solid foods may not be fully digested.
  • Choose a base fuel to use 60-70% of the time.  Flavour fatigue is often a problem, so choose another gel flavour or another.
  • Avoid foods which are hard to digest, high in saturated fats, refined sugars etc. –Remember garbage in, garbage out.
  • Avoid simple sugars, i.e. sugar loaded lollies, chocolates – What pushes your blood sugars up quickly, will also drop quickly and usually lower than original starting point. Any ingredient which has letters ending in “ose” is a simple sugar. i.e. sucrose, fructose etc. Some energy gels are loaded with sugar.
  • Avoid consuming nutrition before/during uphill sections.
  • Caffeine, we strongly recommend that if you use caffeine, to lower your caffeine intake (25 -50 mg max/hour.) and use it towards the end of the course, rather than the beginning. Caffeine is a stimulant, whilst there is an upside there is also a downside.