GC50 State of Origin

GC50 State of Origin

This year we are introducing for the first time ever the GC50 Run Festival State of Origin competition, whereby a State Champion for each distance will be crowned. We’re giving you the opportunity to settle the inter-state rivalry once and for all at this year’s GC50 Run Festival.

How does it work?

To represent your state, participants can simply ‘opt in’ during registration and your run time to be included in the average time for your chosen state. The state with the lowest average time for each distance will be crowned State of Origin champions for that particular distance.

Nominating your state…

We know that many of you will want to represent your ‘home state’ and this might not necessarily be the state you currently reside in. Be sure to look out for the question during the registration process and let us know where your allegiance lies.

Not for you?

Not a problem – if you just want to take things easy and not have your time included in the GC50 Run Festival State of Origin competition then simply select ‘No’ when asked during the registration process.

Best of luck & may the best state be victorious! (Go Queensland!)