Electrolyte Replenishment – Why It’s So Important and How to Do It Right

Electrolyte Replenishment – Why It’s So Important and How to Do It Right

By Steve Born, Hammer Nutrition.

Electrolytes are analogous to the motor oil in your car—they don’t make the engine run, but they’re absolutely necessary to keep everything running smoothly. Proper functioning of the digestive, nervous, cardiac, and muscular systems depends on adequate electrolyte levels.

Muscle cramping, though there are many theories as to why it happens, usually involves improper hydration and/or improper electrolyte replenishment. No one wants to cramp, of course, but remember, cramping is a place far down the road of electrolyte depletion. Cramping is your body’s painful way of saying “Hey! I’m on empty! Resupply me now or I’m going to stop!” It’s like the oil light on the dash; you never want it to get that low.

That’s precisely why, just as you shouldn’t wait until you bonk before you refuel, or you’re dehydrated before you replenish fluids, you shouldn’t wait for cramps to remind you to take electrolytes.

In this video, we’ll look closely at this vital, but often neglected and misunderstood, aspect of fueling. We’ll tell you why salt tablets don’t work and why Endurolytes is unquestionably the finest electrolyte formula available.

Proper fueling during exercise requires more than replenishing calories and fluids; it involves consistent and adequate electrolyte support as well. Electrolyte needs vary much more than either caloric or hydration needs, so you will have to experiment quite a bit in training until you have this aspect of your fueling tailored to your specific requirements under various conditions.

Hammer Products Ideal for Replenishing Electrolytes

Our two forms of Electorlytes, Endurolytes and Endurolytes Fizz are designed to help you easily and effectively replace any lost electrolytes.